What Is A Doula?

"Superheroes With Invisible Capes" I’m sure that if you Google the question "what is a doula?" you’ll see the definition that a doula is “a woman who serves.” So, I thought I’d give you my take on what a doula is, what we do, and what we don’t do. Now, if you're [...]

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What Does A Birth Doula Do?

Short Answer: As much or as little as you want A Birth Doula is a multi-faceted role- what we do changes depending on the situation. We're a bit like a combination of a teacher, coach, friend and wise woman all rolled into one. We perform different functions at different times and our [...]

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What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

"An extra set of experienced hands and a good listener" Postpartum doulas are hired to spend time in your home, with you and your baby, getting things set up and settled in. Postpartum doulas are contracted for a set number of hours (either on an hourly rate or a package of hours). [...]

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What Does a Certified Lactation Counselor Do?

Because I'm All About That Breast ..'bout that breast, no bottle." Totally kidding on this, actually. My role as a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) is to help you assess how your breastfeeding is going, identify issues that might be getting in the way, offer suggestions on how to overcome problems (nipple pain, [...]

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What Does a Bereavement Doula Do?

An Empathetic Heart Experiencing the loss of a little life, at any stage, is unbearably heartbreaking. It's made worse by the fact that our society rarely talks about it, so many women and families are left to grieve and mourn without full support. Many times that loss is a surprise, however other [...]

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Questions To Ask A Doula

Guidance from DONA International DONA International is the world's first, largest, most reputable and rigorous certifying body for birth and postpartum doulas. They put together a really great set of questions to ask in an interview and to reflect on after the meeting as you assess who you will hire. [...]

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