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You are missing some questions and/or response options2019-07-02T15:54:38-07:00

We did our best to make the quiz and searching functions as comprehensive as possible but, of course, there will be things we miss. Please email us at talk@babyvine.comand let us know how we can improve for future versions!

I want to search for something that’s not on the list of filters2019-07-02T15:52:14-07:00

Because we collect so many pieces of data, we try to keep the search options streamlined to avoid it becoming unruly. What we suggest is that you select only a few filters (so that you get more results from your search) and then sort that data by the field you are interested in seeing.

Do you share my information?2019-07-02T15:51:25-07:00

Absolutely not. This resource, and everything on Babyvine, is never shared with anyone. If you’re worried about anonymity, you can 1) use a dummy name in your profile 2) create a username that has nothing to do with your real name and 3) submit your quiz information under a record locator- just answer “no” to the very first question.

How can I update my data?2019-07-02T15:50:43-07:00

If you’d like to add to your record, just go ahead and take the quiz again! If you need to correct something you submitted, please email us at talk@babyvine.comand let us know what field needs to be updated.

Why can’t I see the Search button?2019-07-02T15:49:57-07:00

In order to see the Search button, you need to have completed the quiz. We figure it’s only fair to the community that you invest in building the knowledge base if you want to benefit from it. If you’ve already completed it, even if you submit it anonymously, the system will know you’ve gone through the submission process as long as you are logged in and/or using the same device.


How do you handle defective or missing products?2019-07-02T16:00:20-07:00

We hope you always receive products that work perfectly, however sometimes manufacturing defects do happen and we take them very, very seriously.

If you received a damaged product, please write to us at talk@babyvine.com and describe what the problem was and what you tried to fix it. Pictures of physical defects or incorrect sizes are a great help.

To be considered for a replacement, please be sure to report any issues with your delivery (defective, incorrect, missing products or non-delivery) within 30 days from the date your order was placed.

Do you accept returns?2019-07-02T15:58:50-07:00

If your purchase is in original condition (meaning unworn/unwashed), we will happily return or exchange it for you within 30 days. You are responsible for the costs of shipping it back to us. If you choose a one-time exchange, we’ll ship the replacement to you at no additional cost. If you choose a return, we’ll deduct $10 from the refunded amount for the cost of shipping the original product to you.

Please note that if the item is intimate in nature (such as a Fantasy Box), we are unable to accept returns on any packages that have the shipping label broken.

Can I expedite shipping?2019-07-02T15:58:03-07:00

We ship USPS Priority Mail so it should reach US destinations in 2-3 days and includes Saturday delivery! Internationally, we can’t guarantee delivery times as there are always customs considerations.

When will my purchase ship?2019-07-02T15:55:47-07:00

We usually ship next day, however if something is waiting to come into stock or it’s the holiday season, it can take a few days. If you need something urgently, just include it in your order notes or email us and we’ll get you sorted!

Customer Service

There is a user on here that is bothering me- what can I do?2019-07-02T16:03:33-07:00

Babyvine is committed to being a safe place for everyone. If someone is harassing you, insulting or threatening you, please send us an email with a screen shot of the exchange so that we can address it immediately.

Differences of opinion are okay; abuse is not.

Can I call you?2019-07-02T16:01:38-07:00

Since we’re an internet-only company, we don’t currently offer phone service since most technological issues are actually easier to diagnose and fix when sharing screen shots.

What are your hours?2019-07-02T16:00:58-07:00

We generally answer emails within 24 hours, Monday – Friday. We like to take the weekends off :)


Do you use affiliate links?2019-07-02T16:07:19-07:00

Yep! Since we want to keep Babyvine as a free service without annoying ads or pop-ups, we make use of affiliate programs for the products we recommend and feature. We only ever review things we genuinely love so never worry that you’re getting anything but our true and unbiased opinion.

Can I be a Podcast guest?2019-07-02T16:06:02-07:00

We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to contribute! Just email us at talk@babyvine.comand let us know what you’d like to speak about.

Please include relevant links to your website, personal social media or other knowledge you may have created on the topic so we can see if there is a fit.

Do you accept guest article submissions?2019-07-02T16:05:08-07:00

Absolutely! If you’d like to get an article featured with us, just send us your idea and/or content. We do not pay for content but are happy to give you full credit and backlinks to your site.

I’d like to partner with you; how can I get in touch?2019-07-02T16:04:22-07:00

We love partnerships! Just email us at talk@babyvine.comand we’ll get you in touch with the right person to evaluate a fit.

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