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Getting pregnant, staying pregnant and delivering a healthy baby isn’t always easy. For those of us who have struggled, the constant Googling can become all-consuming and so, so lonely. We decided to build something better.

The Babyvine Fertility Database is the only free, public, anonymous resource of fertility inputs and outcomes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take the quiz about your reproductive history

    • Answer only the questions you choose
    • Submit with your username or a numerical ID
  • Search for others with similar circumstances

    • Search from Age and AMH to Betas and Birth
    • Identify specific challenges like Male Factor or Autoimmune
    • Check out your Reproductive Endocrinologist’s ratings
    • And so much more!
  • Connect & Learn

    • Reach out to those who you think you can learn from
    • Send them a private message or connect in the community
    • Know that success is possible!

Click the button below to get started! When you’re finished,  a second button will show up on next to it…and you can begin your Search adventure :)



There are so many possibilities for what to do with your Search results!

Private Message
Private Message
If you found someone you think can be helpful in your journey, send them a message! If they submitted with their username, it’s because they want to help :)
Find a forum in the community to discuss your thoughts. Even better, you might find someone from your search to engage with.
Care Provider
Care Provider
Did you find something that makes you rethink your treatment plan? Send your provider an email with the data to get the discussion started.

“Nobody will spend as much time thinking about our situation as we will. It’s incumbent upon us to become exceptional self-advocates.”


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